Who We Are

Who We Are

Milton Charitable Foundation for The Visually Handicapped was founded on 21st march 2004 by some energetic blind college students by the initiative of Akshaya Kumar Panda and Rannjan Kumar Biswal. It was registered under Indian Society Registration Act XXI of 1860and PWD Act 1995 as a state label non-profit voluntary organization on 18th September 2008.  The foundation has already been registered in Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010 in the month of 2012 to receive foreign funds and donation. In the same time the foundation got registered under U/s 80G and U/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Our Mission

To dedicate itself as a facilitator of social development through participatory process of awareness generation, advocacy and need based intervention with due emphasis on the vulnerability of persons with disability, persons in special difficulty, subjected to discrimination and neglect, people deprived of social justice and human rights and those living under abject poverty. Since they are considered more deprived and left on the bottom of the social development rather than other vulnerable people, the organization has a special focus towards the upliftment of visually disabled persons in the field of education, vocational training, rehabilitation, aid and advocacy, public awareness and empowerment.

Our Vision

MCFVH not only dreams of building a barrier free society for people with disability, but it also dreams of a dignified, self-sufficient and respectable life for the disadvantaged, irrespective of their laggings. It dreams of a society which is free from all stigma for persons with disability and people realize the potentiality of each individual and take an inclusive approach towards development. It dreams of a world which is barrier free, compassionate and understanding towards the most vulnerable and neglected mass on earth. It dreams of a future that is safe and inclusive in nature for them. A present, that is full of opportunities and scope for participation in every sphere of their life.

Aims & Objectives

(1) To perform works of charity ,(2) To manage establishing hostels, clubs, institution, Talking book center and libraries. (3) To take welfare programmes related to literacy, plantations, environmental pollution control, health care activities, education and community development and General awareness. (4) To take welfare programmes related to blind students of schools and colleges. (5) To take welfare programmes related to scheduled tribes, scheduled castes and other economical backward blind communities of the society. (6) To provide academic and technical training and guidance to children and adult blind persons through coaching in different aspects and to provide music and sports skills and cultural activities by establishing sports and cultural foundation. (7) To take welfare programmes of rehabilitation and self-employment in both government and private sectors according to the visually handicapped persons. (8) In its all activities this organization is a non-sectarian and non-political.

Our History

Milton Charitable Foundation for The Visually Handicapped is a registered state cadre voluntary, non-profit and training organization working for the welfare of the poor and down trodden, visually handicapped people and craftsmen. The office is located at Berhampur of Ganjam district Odisha, South India.

This foundation was established on 21st March 2004, by conglomeration of highly ambitious visually handicapped elite group who have believed the notion of “sensing is believing” and committed for the upliftment of their fellow brothers and sisters who are needy but meritorious.

This foundation got its legal sanctity on 18th September 2008 incorporated by the Registrar of Society under “Societies Registration Act 21/1860” bearing no. 22905/115.

Since its inception, due to the non-availability of Braille materials for the students from eighth class onwards, this foundation is providing digital recorded study materials in Mp3, CD format and audio cassettes to the blind students. The foundation installed a resource centre in 2007 for the visually impaired and distributes all necessary government forms, circulars and scholarship forms to the needy people.

And due to the inadequate job-oriented training facilities for the educated blind persons of Orissa, this organization is also sponsoring blind students of other states to attain the training for their financial independence.

Also it has a Braille library with a large collection of precious books from various national and international libraries for the benefit of the blind students.

The foundation has been providing scholarship annually to the meritorious visually handicapped students by the help and contribution of the fellow brothers. who have availed the same with the help and support of this organization in early days and have been well placed today.

The organization has also a blind cricket team and musical group and organizing sports and cultural programmes from in various places of Odisha in different times for the socio-economic rehabilitation and public awareness exclusively for the blind, of the blind and by the blind.

The foundation is determined to impart computer education to the blind persons through speech software which is called JAWS (Job Assess with Speech) by the kind assistance and support of the District Administration. Also training of type writing and the Braille script training for the blind is imparted by the organization. Since February 2010 it has been providing 6 month computer diploma to 10 blind day-scholar college students. This foundation also conducted the Summer Internship Programme on 1st May 2010 for the first time in Orissa taking 32 visually impaired college students from every corner of the state with free accommodation of lodging and boarding. Such type of training programme was never planned by any voluntary organization or state government before. During this programme we imparted basic computer application, Communication skill and personality development, Job oriented competitive knowledge etc. It also provides placement to the visually impaired with other disabled persons by colaborating with various organizations and agencies.