What We Do

Achievements and Major Activities

The “MCFVH” has been dedicated towards the up liftment of visually impaired society to ensure equal opportunities without any discrimination for their involvement in the main stream of society. Through undertaken many programmes and projects, it strives to achieve the goals and broaden its activities time to time.

Since its inception, this organization has been running for 10 years with the following activities. :

Digital Talking Book Center

Since July 2006 the organization has been providing talking books in Digitized Audio format covering the text and reference books and journals and current affairs starting from class 8th to post graduate and above. Almost all district of Odisha has been covered under this project to enable the school and college going students to avail the study materials easily in accessible formats. Near about 500 beneficiaries through out Odisha depend up on this project each year.

Braille Library and Resource centre

Since 2007 the organization has developed a small Library and Resource room to provide necessary Braille books, Softwares, Assistive Devices and important documents related to jobs, scholarships and other govt. schemes to persons with disability.

Carrier Oriented Computer Training for Visually Impaired

Since 2009 the organization has been conducting a carrier centric computer training program for youths with visual impairment in order to provide them necessary employable skills. This course has been designed as per the requirement of the government agencies and industries. Around 200 persons with visual impaired have completed this training program and few of them also have started their carrier.

Anglo School For Sightless

Since 2009 for the first time in odisha the organization has set up an English Model school to impart free and quality education with free residential accommodation for the children with visual impaired. Currently, this school has the strength of educating more than 60 children up to 5th Standard but the aim of the school is to impart education up to 12th standard .

B. Ed. Special Education Visually Impaired

In the Year 2012 the organization started the special teacher training programme in the field of Visual Impairment. Now this course is recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India. It is considered to be a major step in producing adequate rehabilitation professionals in the field of special education and a greater contribution to inclusive education efforts in Odisha.

Skill Enhancement Programme

This is an annual summer training programme organized by the foundation each year. This innovative programme was started for the first time in Odisha in the year 2010 with the objective of providing life adjustment skills and computer literacy to youths with visual impairment. Minimum 30 college going students take part from different districts of Odisha with free accommodation of lodging and boarding facilities. During the said programme, the trainees are imparted basic computer application, Communication skill, personality development, mobility and Job orientation etc. In these 4 years, around 100 person with visually impaired have been benefited through the program.

Educational Equipment and Scholarship

In the year 2009 the foundation established a public fund for providing the financial assistance to poor and underprivileged visually impaired students who are interested in further education. Each year selected 15 students are availing at least Rs. 1000/- as merit scholarship to help them in their study. Not only the financial assistance but also the study equipments and assistive devices are provided with free of cost mobilized from philanthropic people. Till today 76 students have got the benefit of scholarship and 64 students have been provided Assistive devices.

Advocacy & Awareness Programme

This foundation is also running an advocacy cell. This cell helps the blind persons in solving various problems created due to the non implementation of different policy provisions. This foundation coordinates with the government institutions for the proper implementation of the provisions under the Persons with disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 in the state. With the help of this cell this foundation also works to protect the rights of the visually impaired community through regular coordination and meetings with the government administration, organizing various awareness programmes, rally’s and seminars pertaining to the issues of persons with disability. We always believe in “disability is not a curse rather a challenge to face the hardest reality of life”. So we, some dedicated visually impaired persons have come forward to fight for the rights of our fellow brothers and sisters who are merely the victims of the lackadaisical approach of the government of Odisha.

Sports and Cultural Activities

Sports and cultural activities are the two important aspects of human life. These recreational activities not only provide the taste of fulfillment but also a Important source of employment for some persons. It is vary important for the visually impaired persons to exhibit their inherent quality in the field of sports and culture. This organization organizes grand sports events by inviting persons with disability from different institutions from all over Odisha. this organization formed a musical group in 2009 named “Milton Musical Troop” taking 15 blind boys and girls. This group organizes cultural shows in different places of Odisha throughout the year. This is a small venture for the self employment of visually impaired artists.

Awards and Recognitions

The Founder cum General Secretary of this organization has received following award and recognition for the excellent contribution towards youth development and empowerment of disabilities in National and International level.

Cavincare Ability Award for Eminence 2013

Common Wealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work 2013.

Geographical Area

Berhampur, Odisha is a significant city in the whole of Indian continent. It can also be spelt as Brahmapur. It is one of the ancient most and also the largest city of Odisha. To all the people of the country, it is popularily known as the Silk City due to its treasures of silk, exquisite temples and also the commercial capital of the city. Before venturing into the city, it becomes inevitable on the part of a tourist enthusiast to get acquainted with geography of Berhampur, Odisha. It lies in the east coast line of the state. Berhampur lies approximately at 19.32|N| and 84.78|E|. It rises to height of 27 meters or 88 feet above the mean sea level.

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